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The buyer decided not to come get Ducky. So she is still for sale.

A Family Affair Lucky Ducky

Due to Kid in Feb.

    Mystic Acres Takeba
  Redneck Acres Lucky Leprechan
    Redneck Acres Lucky Lolita
FCH A Family Affair Lucky Ducky *p  1 gen DOB: 3/27/08   27"
    Wyojem Tentacruel
  AJ's Udder Delight Ember  
    A Family Affair Spicy Sarah
Ducky is a nice doe that had good milking ability. On her one day test, Ducky earned her star with just over a gallon of milk.  Ducky is a first generation Mini-Oberhasli with 75% Oberhasli and 25% Nigerian Dwarf.
Unfortunately she was butted in her udder which has caused one side to not get the blood supply so it gets hard and not produce much milk.  She is sold as a brood doe.

She has been bred to Cherry Butte IC Soloist for February kids.  She has had twin and triplets every year.  She is priced at $150 before she kids.   So you would just be paying  for the kids.

The other goat I have left is a Mini-LaMancha.  She was born in July of 2012

The Norris' Lilly


    Pahntasma TA Chocolate Moose
  Moonstone CM Mr Wiggles  
    Camanna MB Sarica
The Norris' Lilly

    2 gen.  DOB: 7/7/12 

 Still growing
    Sweetbrier Ridge Schroeder
  34 Olive Fern  
    Goat Justice League Farm Rosie
Lilly's breeder couldn't keep her because of limits to the amount of goats they have.  So Lilly came to live with me.  There are no Mini-LaMancha bucks in the area so she hasn't been bred. She is a 2 gen. 41.44% LaMancha and 58.56% Nigerian.  I haven't seen her in several months so have no idea how big she is, but she was a smaller type doeling.  She is priced at $150.
If you are interested in these does, please contact me at andi@ajud.com


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